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In the process of inserting the recent bequest of a Saxon oil jar into the Historic Pots exhibit, all the other pots were pushed out of the front of the display and smashed.

If you would like your broken pot back, call the curator on the usual number. If you would like to see any more exhibits smashed, call Vince on 07999 744 621.


The Supporting Partners Of Framley Museum are unhappy to announce the recent death of one of their founding patron members, Dr Adam Querplunk.

Adam was instrumental in establishing SPOFM as the premier Framley Museum fundraising group, playing his own arrangement of Howard Jones’ “New Song” on twelve-string acoustic guitar throughout successful bazaars, beetle drives and organ recitals.

In the last years of his life, Adam was less able to provide his uniquely repetitive contribution to our charity work, since his time was taken up writing letters to the Queen attempting to get the National Anthem replaced by his revised version of the ‘80s classic.

Having suffered from a streaming cold for two long days, he entered into battle with Death for the last time on April 27th this year. He lost. He leaves a wife, Marjorie, two children and another wife, Marjorie. She’s called Janet. Sorry Marjorie.


The Framley Borough Records Department is to be relocated away from the museum in an effort to improve public access to local information.

Thanks are due to Mrs Gordon Drury who has painstakingly translated over half of the historic school, manorial and non-conformist church records into Brazilian-dialect Portuguese at the special request of the special Mayor of Framley, William D’Ainty.


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