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The history of shopping in Framley dates back more than ten years.

Why not visit our fully accurate recreation of a typical Victorian Shop? Visitors can see and smell the sounds of a real 19 Centuryth chemists, and even buy some carbolic soap from an animatronic Bobby Ball, specially given to the musuem by Madame Tussauds.

(Exhibit closes due to public demand in November 2003)


And what wonderful things our ancestors bought in their shopping baskets! This popular doll of Pope Pius XI from the 1920s was filled with holy bubblebath that relaxed away your sins. If you'd like to have a bath, just call the curator on the usual number.


And look at where we've come! To Framley town centre's Arnhem Shopping Centre, recreated in full in the museum's Arnhem Centre Experience, and staffed by real 15-year-olds in period costume.

Gasp in wonder as Enid on the music desk at Woolworths canít find the video that youíre looking for even though the computer says theyíve got one. Marvel at the security guard getting harassed by a man with nuts in his beard.

Your life canít get any more shopping than this!


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