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Although the entire collection of the Framley Museum was swept away by floodwaters in 1981, there's still plenty to see and enjoy, as long as your expectations aren't too high.

There are stamps, bowls, stuffed animals and even an interactive diorama explaining the evolution of the mop.

Here on the website (here), we hope to bring you a flavour of the taste of a few of the museum's impressive array of variety of collections.


The museum's display cases will fascinate anyone interested in the development of the institutional exhibition cabinet. This example is made from pre-stressed maple, in a classic "Casablanca" style with singnature Allingford screw-mounted support struts for the leg braces, and was designed by Marvin Hearth of Hearth and Nugent cabinetmakers of St Eyot's in late 1985, shortly after the company moved to new premises at the river end of Tanner Lane. It also contains some things.


The history of transport

The Gallery of Fashion


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