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Photograph by Helmut Newton. Styling by Mirabelle.
The museum was founded in 1882 when objects of local interest began to gather in the field where the museum now stands, due to the natural action of the wind and rain.

In 1886, visionary Whoft philanthropist, Manimal MacCorkindale proposed building some walls around the objects, forming Framley's first museum.
A door fitted in 1932 cemented the museum's popularity.

Over the next sixty years, over fourteen thousand items and nearly two hundred visitors came through the museum's doors. Some were old, some were beautiful, some required a great deal of restoration, but all were welcomed to the Framley Museum Collection, as it came to be known.

In 1991, the museum was offered a £50,000 grant by the government to "Close forever and never open again".

The original design for Framley Museum, which was ignored, is now kept in Framley Museum.



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