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The Framley Museum "Voices Of The Past" project is an attempt to collect a definitive archive of local oral history. Over 100 interviews have so far been conducted and recorded on our cassette.

The project was started in 1986, on the historic once-in-a-lifetime 920th anniversary of the Doomesday Book. We hope that this archive will show our ancestors how we used to live.

Like the Dooomesday Book, the archive will be made into a Bayeux Tapestry. Please call us if you have your own thread and would like to lend a hand.


The people of Framley give the area its unique flavour. In fact it's unimaginable to imagine the region without its population.

Local historian D.J. Shadrack said recently that if all the people were to leave Framley, it would be like leaving Jan Ravens in the Tower of London - in other words a disaster.

In order to give these people a chance to speak directly to history, we are gathering ordinary people, preserving them in museum conditions, and calling them VOICES OF THE PAST!

To read some of the oral history we have collected so far, click here.



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